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Helping preteens and their families in conversations about body changes, sex, and other growing-up stuff – puberty classes, parent talks, and accessible resources.

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For 35 years, Great Conversations has offered puberty classes to preteens, teens and their families on the practical realities of adolescence, sexuality, communication, decision-making, emotional regulation, consent, and healthy relationships.

about great conversations

Operating out of the Pacific Northwest, and serving families worldwide, we have been facilitating conversations about puberty and sexuality with preteens and their grown-ups for more than 35 years.

We believe that parents are their children’s prime sexuality resource, and sometimes families want additional resources to foster these important talks about growing up. Great Conversations is here to help you create intentional spaces where your family can continue those conversations, together.

Through partnerships with esteemed institutions like Seattle Children’s Hospital, Great Conversations is committed to providing curriculum that is medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, and delivered by experts. Our grounded approach, combined with humor and clear factual information from experts, is focused on preteen and teen developmental space, while honoring and respecting families’ traditions and beliefs.

grownups agree...

92% of parents feel more confident talking to their preteen about puberty + sex after taking our classes

98% of parents feel our classes offer opportunities to talk about puberty, sex, and other topics on growing up 

what we offer

Great Conversations offers classes and presentations on subjects dealing with puberty, sexuality, parenting and other topics surrounding adolescence to families, teens and professionals.

35 years of conversation

Over the last 35 years, Great Conversations has offered classes to over 100,000 families – that’s a lot of puberty. 

We’ve been recommended as a resource for parents by, UW Medical Center, and The Seattle times.

our goals:

  • To promote communication with preteens and their trusted caregivers. To positively impact communication within families.
  • To model how to initiate and improve the conversations on puberty, sex, decision-making, and growing up.
  • To present these topics in a humorous, down-to-earth way while being both factual and sensitive to families’ cultures and beliefs.

“I really enjoyed the virtual “the Chat” classes. I took in person Heart to Heart classes twice, the most recent 6 years ago. I love the updates of inclusive language and consent. It is wonderful how the class has evolved. Well done!”

Erica N.

Fantastic content. Loved the opportunities to share with our teen during the class. The videos were great at showing a variety of people with a variety of experiences and input. Would highly recommend to friends.

Connie D.

     The Chat was great. It was nice to find a training that minded terminology around all of the different genders and pronouns and types of bodies. It helped my child feel included and accepted for who they are as a growing person.

Amir N.

with great conversations.

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