Community Catalysts

Great Conversations is committed to large-scale, long-lasting, and institutional support for all families, but we can't do it alone. That's why we partner with, sponsor, and support incredible organizations like these, starting important conversations in communities all over the world.

Parent Trust

Parent Trust for Washington Children is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that every parent has the knowledge and skills they need to raise healthy, thriving children.  Our research-based programs prevent child abuse and neglect while ending the generational cycle of Adverse Childhood Experiences.  We help families build better futures – and keep kids out of foster care.

Days for Girls

Days for Girls works to eliminate the stigma and limitations associated with menstruation so that women and girls have improved health, education and livelihoods.  We increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating Social Enterprises, mobilizing volunteers and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigma and limitations for women and girls. To date, we have reached over 3 million women and girls with our life-changing menstrual health solutions.

The Light Collective

The global pandemic made the already unimaginable experience of serious childhood illness even more difficult and isolating for kids and families. And even now that the world has “opened up” again, families who have a child with cancer will continue to “shelter in place” as they always have, in order to protect their immunocompromised child. Our mission is to create a hope-oriented community where families who have a child with cancer can build resilience and share delight. We cultivate communities of light in the darkness by hosting safe and delightful experiences every month where families make memories together and connect to a larger community of families on a similar journey.