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The New York Times: “The Best Way to Fight with a Teenager,” by LISA DAMOUR – MARCH 16, 2016
QUARTZ: “The World Has Teenage Girls Totally Wrong,” by JENNY ANDERSON – MAY 5, 2016
The New York Times: “Why Teenage Girls Roll Their Eyes,” by LISA DAMOUR – FEBRUARY 17, 2016
Mindful: “3 Common Myths About the Teen Brain,” by STEPHANY TLALKA – APRIL 9, 2014
Scientific American: “How Dads Influence Teens’ Happiness,” by PAUL RAEBURN – MAY 1, 2014
The New York Times: “When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?,” by PEGGY ORENSTEIN – MARCH 19, 2016
UW Today: “Family Technology Rules: What Kids Expect of Parents,” by JENNIFER LANGSTON – MARCH 8, 2016
Huffington Post Parents: “What The Modern-Day Sex Talk Should Sound Like, According To The Latest Research,” by REBECCA ADAMS – NOVEMBER 18, 2014
TEDx Talks: “Eight is Great: Melisa Holmes at TEDxGreenville 2014”
The New York Times: “Parents of Teenagers, Stuck Taking Out the Emotional Trash,” by LISA DAMOUR – DECEMBER 16, 2015

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