The Chat Digital Workshop Series: Independent Study

For 35 years, Great Conversations has offered classes to preteens, teens and their families on puberty, sexuality, communication, decision-making, emotional regulation, consent and healthy relationships. We believe that parents are their children’s prime sexuality resource. Great Conversations is here to help you create intentional spaces where your family can continue those conversations, together.

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What is the Chat?

Our goal for over three decades has stayed the same – for families to grow in confidence having conversations with each other on the topics of growing up. To date, over 90% of parents report “more confidence having conversations” with their preteen after attending The Chat. When attending our course, parents and preteens spend time learning about puberty and sexual health together, directly from our team of expert instructors. Classes with Great Conversations feature short videos, workbooks, polls, and opportunities to pause the program, and turn to each other to answer prompts.

Who is this class for?

Great Conversations offers a variety of programs for both parents and parents and preteens to take together. Our flagship program, The Chat, is intended for 9-12 year olds to attend with a trusted adult. This course is offered to all genders, and is taught by a team of Great Conversations’ expert instructors. Check out our Program descriptions below to learn more about each of our class offerings.

Course Structure

This entirely digital class is designed for you to take on your own time, at your own pace. Made up of five individual videos, each course covers it’s own set of topics, listed below. A combination of instruction, storytelling, medically accurate diagrams, and opportunities to pause for conversations between preteen attendees and their trusted grown-ups, this class is also accompanied by a supplementary workbook for those who wish to keep the conversation going. 

What will we talk about?

#1 Is Puberty Weird?

An introduction to the puberty experience for every body including body odor, pimples, hair, growth, gender, and voice changes.

#2 Body Basics

What most girls experience in puberty including breast development, periods, masturbation, and self-concept.

#3 More Body Basics

What most boys experience in puberty including erections, ejaculation, masturbation, and self-concept.

#4 Crushes, Consent, and More!

How our brains change during puberty. Exploration of emotional regulation, decision-making, healthy conversations with family and friends, crushes, and consent.

#5 Our Sexual Selves

Being sexual, sexual reproduction, healthy relationships, and sexual decision-making.